Eric Walker

Managing Director

Eric Walker serves as Managing Director for Harvard Group International (HGI) and brings over 25 years of global experience in the field of Human Resources. He has a history of driving organizational strategy with human capital solutions, spearheading numerous business transformations, implementing major reorganizations, and driving large-scale culture initiatives for some of the world’s leading companies. These experiences as an effective change champion and dynamic leader of global teams, as well as a trusted advisor to C-Suite executives, have proven invaluable in advising HGI clients on their strategic workforce planning needs.

Prior to joining HGI, Eric was a global HR executive with experience in several industries, including manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, high-end luxury vehicles, and aerospace. He has worked for several fortune 100 companies such as Danaher, General Electric (GE) and General Motors Corporation (GM).

Throughout his career, Eric has been relentless with building inclusive and high performing cultures. His passion for DE&I and ensuring all employees feel a sense of belonging while providing counsel to companies on the value of diversity are a fine compliment to HGI’s Diversity Recruiting Practice, strengthening HGI’s capabilities.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Wright State University as well as an MBA from Benedictine College. In addition, he is a Certified Change Management Practitioner, a Certified Professional Life Coach, and holds a DE&I Certificate from Cornell ILR School. He resides in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Tawnya, and they enjoy playing golf, entertaining friends and family, and attending various cultural events.