As experts at finding experts, we strive to meet each client’s individual search objectives. We tailor searches specifically for each client based upon our proprietary search process that has proven successful identifying leading candidates for any field, function and seniority level.

Our VIP Client Promise

We will act as a discreet and impartial third party for your confidential projects and can operate as an extension to your in-house talent acquisition team, working seamlessly and directly with your hiring manager to provide end-to-end search management customized to your needs.

Exclusionary Clientele

We maintain an exclusionary client roster by limiting the number of clients we work with in each industry to no more than 10%. Our policy to not saturate a given industry reduces the number of “off-limits” companies and gives us more fertile recruiting grounds, allowing us to retain access to one of the largest, competitive candidate pools in executive and professional search.

Firm-Wide Collaboration

Honing-in on the right candidate requires understanding from all angles. Our team of business executives, seasoned recruiters and agile researchers works together on all executive and professional searches. This internal collaboration allows us to tap into the talent and expertise of each of our team members, leading to the best outcomes for our clients.


We target leading candidates who have made a dramatic impact in their current or previous roles and who can join your company to make an immediate positive effect. We employ a variety of recruiting processes and techniques including EQ assessment to meet this goal.

Full Market Analysis

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of your industry. We begin our search process with a full market analysis, uncovering your industry’s most valuable candidates. This enables us to identify qualified placements with the ability to improve your company’s profitability and overall culture.

Search-Specific Technology

We utilize leading edge search-specific technologies to seamlessly integrate our project management, outside resources and internal database. By using a suite of technology-based tools throughout the executive and professional search process, we are able to collapse timelines and deliver targeted results with a higher level of speed and efficiency.


When you partner with HGI for your executive and professional search and consulting projects, you will gain a committed advisor who is dedicated to your organization’s growth and success. We maintain a high-touch, boutique approach to client relationships and management, which lends to our proven ability to deliver optimal results.

Social Awareness

We believe Social awareness contributes to authentic leadership, and authentic leadership sets the tone for genuine responsibility. We take our role in giving back to the communities and foundations we work with very seriously. Our values drive our culture, motivate our team, and generate pride in the work we do.

Cultural Fit

Research shows that cultural fit, alignment and balance are crucial to job satisfaction, retention rates and overall performance. Because we develop personal, one-on-one relationships with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of your organization’s culture and expectations, which leads to candidate success.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse leadership teams contribute to higher levels of innovation and a more creative decision-making process, which are necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing business environment. Over the past decade, more than 40% of our searches have resulted in the placement of diverse hires.


Our proprietary, client-focused search process has yielded outstanding results for our clients, and our successful 20+ year track record proves it. We provide the resources, expertise and insight that are paramount to delivering excellent search results. Because we continually execute successful executive searches and consultancy projects, more than 70% of our revenue comes from repeat clients or direct referrals.

Speed & Quality

While other search firms can take months to successfully complete an executive search, HGI typically provides a candidate calibration in 14 business days. By working closely with you during search intake, we gain deep insight into the position, your culture and expectations. This enables us to begin our search process immediately, producing real results within a condensed timeframe.

Multi-Level Industry Expertise

Our collaborative team of industry experts has produced successful results for clients across multiple industries, functions and seniority levels. By combining the individual talents and expertise of our consultants and expansive network, we are able to produce tailored results for even the most specialized positions.

Guaranteed Results

We are dedicated to providing our clients with first-rate search results and thrive on a culture of longevity and trust, which is evidenced by our client retention rate. To further ensure your organization’s success, we offer a guarantee on all searches. In the rare event a placement is not aligned with your organization’s values, goals or needs, we will recruit a replacement candidate at no additional cost.

100% Success Rate

We are committed to the success of each and every candidate placement. We continue every search until completion, never abandoning any project that remains a priority for our clients. We offer a direct and consultative approach, which is paramount for success when specific projects become difficult. Simply put, we guarantee our performance and the performance of the people we place.

Best-In-Class Candidates

Combining our dedication to speed and quality, multi-level industry expertise, guaranteed results and commitment to success, we deliver candidates who present:
Demonstrated Success & Achievement
Recognizable Career Progression
Unique Technical Experience
Change Agent Mentality
Expertise in Turnarounds & Growth
Strong Cultural Fit

Need the best candidates? We can deliver!