Search Services

Our team of experienced executive and professional search consultants has a proven record of success sourcing first-rate candidates for top leadership teams. Our search services go beyond simply identifying the most technically experienced talent. We seek to uncover the most innovative game-changers in your industry. We are further committed to diversity, inclusion, cultural fit and retention in all of our searches.

Executive Search

Delivering best-in-class leaders to C-Suite and executive teams has been our calling card since our firm’s formation. We have successfully completed thousands of searches across all functions of executive management. This is ideal for strategic senior leadership positions and other key roles in competitive talent markets.

Professional Search

We don’t limit our reach only to the C-Suite and executive teams. We can partner with you across all levels and functions throughout your organization. This is the best option when immediate candidate flow is required, for entry-level through management roles, and allowing room for temp-to-hire and contract options.

Diversity Search

We have an incredible track record of success in placing diverse candidates. Although we extensively recruit diversity candidates on every search, clients sometimes have specific requirements for a singular position or across a wider initiative to improve the diversity of their staff. This is the best solution for satisfying those special requirements.

Specialty Services

As corporate talent and leadership expectations continue to evolve, so does the search process. We partner with organizations on specialty search programs for customized search initiatives.

Market Mapping

We provide competitive organizational charts with critical role analysis and comparison, an assessment of the current market, and incentives used to attract top talent. This is ideal for understanding the competitive market landscape at a macro level, keeping abreast of current and future market trends and gaining research intel before entering a new market.

Talent Mapping

We provide a targeted, proactive, deep dive analysis into a division/function/department to help you stay ahead of competitors and to identify potential hires in the market. This is ideal for understanding specific talent profiles of key competitors.

Talent Sourcing

We produce a list of verified, interested candidates who meet your requirements and are ready for handoff to your internal Talent Acquisition team. This is ideal for alleviating bandwidth of internal resources and identifying qualified candidates for hard to fill or time-sensitive roles.

Name Generation

We provide a list of qualified or potential candidates who meet your requirements, confirming their employment and contact information. This is ideal for addressing an emergent critical volume of hiring activities, specific business challenges or recruitment needs, especially when timelines are tight.

Board Services

We employ the same assertive and targeted process to board searches that we use for our executive search projects. Our comprehensive knowledge of the corporate governance best practices, elite diversity track record, expansive network of clients and key executives, including an exclusive database of senior executives who have advised us of their interest in public and private board service, allows us to be proactive and competitive in advising and attracting key talent to your board.

Board of Directors

As the responsibility and visibility of boards of directors continue to expand, so too has the importance of having a board of strategic, experienced leaders. We utilize our advanced skills matrix, board analysis and succession planning to gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs, enabling us to attract the best executive who can both add value to and addresses any skills gap present with your governance team.

Advisory Board

By empowering organizational leaders in developing quality consulting groups made up of experienced individuals outside of their competitive circles, effective advisory boards give organizations access to fresh perspectives and a wider range of backgrounds, experiences and credentials. We take a strategic and consultative approach to help organizations build advisory boards as a high-impact, low-cost alternative to working with a major strategic consulting firm. While partnering with our firm, you are able to pressure-test new, innovative strategies and generate fresh ideas for organizational growth and success.

Consulting Services

We use our extensive knowledge of executive search and talent management to provide strategic, operational and business development consulting and executive career services. Our experienced team and inclusive network of executives and professional consultants work with clients to develop key strategies and skills for growth and success.

HR Consulting Services

Knowing that diverse HR challenges exist across industries and organizations, we provide flexible HR Consulting Services to organizations looking to establish a strong foundation for future growth or searching for assistance with immediate HR support. Our HR Consulting Services cover six major areas of talent management:
Recruiting & Onboarding
Organizational Effectiveness
Total Reward & Performance Management
Succession Planning
Leadership Development

Executive Career Services

Helping others is at the core of our culture. When asked, we offer coaching, networking, research and professional content services to those individuals seeking to move their careers forward. Where “forward” involves Board Service, we are available, on a casual or formal basis, to provide advice on building up the right credentials, as well as presenting them in a professional bio. We can also be a part of the necessary networking, as we maintain a file of senior executives who have shared their career goals to include private and public boards. Our clients have access to this file on a courtesy basis.