Sierra Wood

Executive Recruiter

Sierra Wood is an Executive Recruiter for Harvard Group International where she focuses on researching, identifying and qualifying candidates in various functions and fields.

Prior to joining Harvard Group International, Sierra was practicing the sale of Property & Casualty Insurance along with Life & Health Insurance as a licensed agent. Her professional experience is in Marketing and Sales with extensive background in customer communication and services within the Insurance vertical.

Early in her career, Sierra worked in various fields of Special Education and Academic Intervention. She specialized in one-on-one Para-Professionalism with primarily non-verbal students in a self-contained alternative school. She is a licensed Para-Professional with certificates in Special Education and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

Sierra is an avid philanthropist in domestic and wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, rehome/ release. Focused on animal activism, she volunteers time and resources to farm and pet-owners desperate for behavioral guidance and training methods to help them maintain both a happy home and quality of life.