Karen Spearman

Managing Director

Karen Spearman is a Managing Director of Harvard Group International, a leading executive/professional search firm that represents companies ranging from startups to mid-sized companies and the Fortune 500. In this role, she applies her innate creativity, focus and engagement to recognize the critical talent needs within an organization and match them with candidates, both vital to an effective placement.

With over 30 years of experience in both oil and gas production and the utility environment, Karen has a deep awareness of the impacts of acquisitions and divestitures, which are the norm in the energy industry, and the crucial role identifying essential personnel has in ensuring a company’s success. Working for industry-leading companies such as BP, Anadarko Petroleum, SCANA Corporation and Centerpoint Energy, she offers clients a strong understanding of the issues in hiring, restructuring, succession planning and retention. Her direct involvement with these issues has led to broad insight into the energy industry, which is increasingly driven to:

  • Meet dynamic marketplace challenges,
  • Create effective responses, and
  • Fulfill commitments to stakeholders.

The first step in achieving these goals is finding top talent that fits the culture while bringing new perspectives and diversity to directly improve overall performance.