Jenn DeGloma

Managing Director

Jennifer “Jenn” DeGloma has 20 years of experience partnering with C-suite clients spanning various sectors, including digital startups, retail, aerospace, private equity, financial services, customer experience, international manufacturing, finance, operations, supply chain, logistics, Business to Business, and Direct to Consumer. As a Managing Director at Harvard Group International, she leverages her expansive network and deep industry insights to deliver top-tier talent solutions.

Prior to joining Harvard Group International, Jenn held the position of Vice President of Merchandising for multiple divisions of an established US-based corporation. She further showcased her global prowess by leading product development initiatives across North America, Europe, the UK, and APAC markets.

Jenn’s unique advantage lies in her firsthand understanding of her client’s staffing requirements. Having spent a significant portion of her career on the other side of the desk, working in intensely cross-functional roles, she is adept at tailoring talent strategies to client-specific needs. She remains committed to listening for the underlying objectives of each client, ensuring the placement of high caliber talent every time.

A proud alumna of Florida State University, Jenn earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, complemented by a minor in Psychology. Jenn is a passionate reader and globetrotter, having set foot in 27 countries across five continents. She currently resides in Florida with her husband and son.