Art McMahon

Senior Managing Director

Art McMahon (Transparent)

Art McMahon is a leader of Harvard Group International with more than 25 years of experience in the executive search and consulting arena. He has been an active member of turnaround teams with processes that win in today’s economy. Some of his clients include Mercedes-Benz, Boeing and a broad range of other industry leaders.

Harvard Group International implemented the foremost 30-day turnaround development process and was the first to publicize a multi-step recruiting process that has achieved significant results for a number of medium-size companies and major corporations.

For the past 25 years, Art has played a dynamic role at all levels of executive search and consulting, especially in Technology, Aviation, Heavy Construction, Transportation and Defense, including the board level, where he supports over 10 corporations. He is an expert at capital marketing and business capture, and acts as an advisor to a number of Chief Executive Officers and leading executives.

Prior to Harvard Group International, Art worked as a Marketing Executive for the Aviation, Automotive/Transportation and Consumer sectors.

Over the past ten years, Art has invested in many startups and served an active role on several boards. He is also a rated commercial, multi-engine, instrument pilot.