Vice President – Research, Development and Demonstration

Remote — Full time


The VP-RD&D is responsible for overseeing an annual $5-6 million Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) portfolio defined by its client members and developed and implemented by the team. The VP-RD&D leads the project management, operations and administrative teams and tasks associated with achieving project, financial and strategic plan goals. The VP-RD&D reports to the President & CEO.

This position embodies a wide range of responsibilities and seeks an individual with exceptional communication, technical, programmatic and leadership skills who is willing to balance numerous duties as part of a small, vibrant and dynamic technical and project management team. The position interacts with natural gas industry sponsors and executives, decision makers, collaborators who are technical experts, subject matter experts, federal administrators, legal and contractual advisors, regulators, and conceptual thinkers.


  • Lead and manage the RD&D organization by collaborating with over 20 member organizations, overseeing projects aligned with member specifications, communicating the value of the natural gas industry infrastructure RD&D to stakeholders, and managing LLC businesses.
  • Strategically plan and implement growth by identifying opportunities, evaluating project decisions, balancing industry and member requests, assisting team members, and strategically timing the solicitation of commercial licenses for R&D products.
  • Provide comprehensive oversight and supervision of a team of six full-time staff, including hiring, training, performance assessment, coaching for goal achievement, workload distribution, and support for professional development within the organization.
  • Identify and manage the budget independently, plan responses to R&D funding sources, support accounting in overall financial reporting, provide accounting support, and oversee document preparation for member requests on spending and commitment status.
  • Plan and execute promotion strategies, its committees, and projects within the industry, assist in managing workload decisions, respond to member requests for promotional opportunities, and develop a strategy to enhance membership and visibility in the natural gas utility and transportation sectors.


  • Engineering Degree (mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, etc.) or similar bachelor’s degree in a scientific field required. An MBA or Engineering MS preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience managing projects.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience managing individuals.
  • RD&D Management experience preferred.
  • Strategic thinker with effective communication and flexibility for diverse tasks in a small company.
  • Translates conceptual thinking into practical tactics, excels in presenting to various audiences, and initiates new business development.
  • Proficient in managing multiple technical areas, passionate about team management, and knowledgeable about employee/employer dynamics.


A meaningful compensation package will be developed for the successful candidate that includes a base salary plus performance-based bonus.

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